“Donna Jordan-Mitchell is a personal trainer for the Human spirit!”

TV Personality Merideth Vieira, Formerly Co-Host, Today, NBC, The View


Donna Jordan-Mitchell is an EMMY Award-winning former Television Anchor who, upon leaving the industry, assumed the stewardship of a charity established to support disadvantaged women as the Executive Director of the Launch Foundation. Today, Jordan-Mitchell is the co-owner of Launch Leadership. She specializes in Personal Leadership for Women.

Donna is also a successsful motivational speaker and the author of Failure is Not an Option: 10 Sure-Fire Steps to Success, called a “remarkable book” by Charles Osgood of CBS News.  And, after hearing her speak, Regis Philbin told his national television audiences that Donna is a “Triple A+ Personality!”

Donna knows how to deliver a speech, seminar, or workshop with flair, humor, and a strong message.  During her years in television, she interviewed celebrities and major political figures ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Dustin Hoffman, and Geena Davis to Presidents George H. Bush and Jimmy Carter, and even football legend Joe Namath.  Today, she peppers her speeches with wonderful anecdotes about what she learned about leadership, decision-making, and success from those stars and politicans.   

Donna’s also traveled the world. She won an Ohio Associated Press Award for her reporting from the war-torn nation of Bosnia and reported live from the Gorbachev-Bush Superpower Summit in Washington, D.C. Donna also produced a well-received television special  On Location with Oprah Winfrey. She was also an investigative consumer reporter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Chosen as a “Dayton Peace Accord Partner”, she worked to help establish strong trade and humanitarian ties between the United States and Bosnia.  She also served on the “Ohio Governor’s Community  Service Council”.

A former winner of a Miss America preliminary pageant, Donna understands what it’s like to overcome a poor self-image or rough start in life to earn a place in the spotlight. Her other achievements include being selected as the “Outstanding Television Newcomer” for her work on PM Magazine, and “Massachusetts Outstanding Young Career Women” for her work in radio.

Donna’s personal movitation and determination takes her to the most unusual places.  For example, several years ago, she wanted to overcome her fear of flying so jumped in the cockpit, took lessons, and became a pilot! She’s also won many trophies in Tennis and Racquetball; a bronze medal in NASTAR Ski Racing; and the City Women’s Golf Championship in Springboro, Ohio.

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