Self-Awareness Vs. Self-Entitlement

Just read an interesting column in the New York Post about the New England Patriots hiring and then jettisoning the scandal-plagued Antonio Brown. The columnist accused both Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and the infamous but famously talented wide receiver of being self-entitled rather than self-aware. This got us thinking what’s the big difference and how does that affect how you could live your life.

Are you self-aware or self-entitled? Do you feel everybody owes you something and should aid you in making up for your short comings (without even proffering a thank you… after all it’s only your due!)? Or, do you know and understand your limitations and solicit help in a positive manner. Do you expect others to bow down to your many pronouncements or do you actively seek the advice of others to grow and thrive?

If you see yourself on the self-entitled side of this picture, click on the below link for a quick tip on how to decrease your self-entitlement while becoming more aware of yourself and your many abilities.

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