Supervisor Development

We transform your best workers into motivating leaders. The key for them is to learn to work with and through people. Our effective supervisory program engages leaders and front-line managers in an exciting and proven learning process, empowering them to achieve real, measurable improvement in productivity, performance, and results.

Leadership and Management Coaching

We turn activity-oriented people into results-oriented people. Our management coaching and development programs show leaders how to focus their energy, work by priorities, eliminate distractions, and empower their people to use their untapped talents and abilities.

Developing and Executing Strategies

We show leaders and employees how to change from starting multiple projects with “low results” to accomplishing fewer projects with “greater results” by first clarifying priorities and measurements;
then engaging and motivating people while eliminating confusion and waste.

Personal Leadership Training

Our programs turn good workers into passionate performers. We show people how to set and achieve goals, become self-motivated, and have a more positive mental attitude. We also improve on
their strengths thereby improving their self-image, confidence, and energy.

Women’s Personal Leadership

This program explores the challenges today’s women face both in the home and the workplace. It helps participants develop critical attitudes, self-confidence, and qualities that meet the demands and obstacles of modern business and the quality of their personal life.

Sales Training

We instruct salespeople how to move from transactional selling to value-relational selling and
turn their sales goals into done deals by learning secrets from the pros. From prospecting to closing, We have a proven plan for winning.

Communication Training

We teach poor communicators how to broaden their audience by using empathy and understand how their social styles relate to other people. Our program includes lessons on active listening and overcoming communication barriers.


Helping companies grow profitably

Learn how we have helped companies see 500% increases in productivity in as little as sixty days. We launch men and women to new heights of leadership, teamwork and continuous improvement

Case Study (A)

Private Company, $50 Million in sales, 350 employees, tier II supplier to the automobile industry, high-volume metal stamping facilities


Changes:  Structure, team-based, support functions urgency, empowerment, engaging work teams

Results: New product line, robotic welding cells

Turn around: 90 days

First 60 days – Producing 1,000 units per day, working 7 days, 24 hours per day, customer living in facility due to potential shut down of assembly plant

Next 30 days - Producing 3,000
units, working 5 days, 20 hours per day (hitting ramp-up targets)

Next 60 days - Producing 5,000 units per day, working 5 days, 16-20
hours per day

Case Study (B)

Private Company, 2nd generation ownership, $10 Million in Sales, 100 employees, production painting services, liquid powder, metal, and aluminum

Changes:  Empowering leadership, cross functional improvement teams, focus on disciplines of execution, scoreboards, accountability, employee engagement

Results: One Year Focus:

  • Safety from 13 OSHA recordables to 4 recordables with a new target of 1 recordable.
  • Retention from 200% to 50% with a new target of 30%.
  • Quality (right the first time) from 97% to 98.7% with a new target of 99.5%.

Case Study (C)

Private International Company, USA fruit processing facility, $80 Million in local sales, 300 employees


Changes:  Empowering leadership, engaging supervisors, cross-functional team problem solving, urgency from support functions and celebrations

Results: One Year Focus:

Reduced product waste from 4% of sales to 2% of sales.

“As we grew our company from 20 to 165-Million Dollars, Steve delivered results and
energized our people.”

Darwin Brown
Vice-Chairman, Deceuninck, N.A.

“We’ve worked with Steve for 20 years. He has experience in all levels of business and

Bill Lukens
President, Stillwaters Technologies

“Donna Jordan-Mitchell is a personal trainer for the Human Spirit.” Donna understands
that real strength builds from the inside… and that makes her a hero in my book!”

Meredith Vieira
Formerly Co-Host, Today, NBC, The View, Who Wants to be a Millionaire

“Who says you have to learn from your own mistakes? Donna has figured out how to
overcome setbacks to get ahead.”

Faith Daniels
former NBC News Correspondent and Talk Show Host

“Donna is a Triple A-PLUS Personality with a positive message!”-

Regis Philbin
on his nationally televised talk show

“Steve Mitchell lives and breathes integrity. It’s refreshing to know that there are people
in the business who still put integrity first. Our journey with Steve has made us all better
leaders and better people.”

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