Failure is Not an Option: 10 Sure-Fire Steps to Success


Emmy-Award Winning former TV Anchor Donna Jordan reveals the 10

Secrets all Successful People Share.



Revealing her private moments with some of the biggest names in
entertainment and politics, Donna Jordan motivates and entertains. Her 10
Sure-Fire steps to success have been praised by National News
Correspondent, talk show host, and TV personality Meredith Vierira who
says “Donna Jordan should be a personal trainer for the Human Spirit.
Donna understands that real strength builds from the inside…and that
makes her a hero in my book!”

Former Anchor of CBS New Sunday Morning Charles Osgood calls
Jordan’s book “Remarkable” and adds that “her step-by-step methods turn
fear into confidence and confidence into success”.

This easy, breezy read teaches you how to:

  • Overcome the 6 deadly demotivators that hold you back
  • Use goal setting to build confidence and realize your dreams
  • Find the proper motivation to get things done
  • To take the stress out of making powerful decisions
  • Learn your social style and how to adapt it to effectively communicate with other people

Learn what Geena Davis taught Jordan about setting goals and
making things happen…Which secret of success Oprah Winfrey revealed
to Jordan during a very personal interview…What Dustin Hoffman taught
Jordan about taking charge…Why President Jimmy Carter singled Jordan
out for special attention…How Jordan dropped the ball when legendary
football hero Joe Namath kissed her on television…And how Jordan used
her 10 Steps to Success to talk her way into the White House and question
President George H. Bush during the Persian Gulf War.