Believing in the views you espouse rather than just spouting off

I admit it… I’m sometimes guilty and after all these years I should know better. I became so used to defending myself after working in the television news (sometimes toxic) business for a lifetime. Often, I reacted rather than reasoned and started shooting from the lip before thinking my declaration through. That’s what happens when you substitute emotion for reason which usually occurs when you’re overwhelmed, overtired, or just plain stressed.

 Before you make any public statements, you need to have a deep and sincere understanding of your views before espousing them. To be looked upon as a strong person or a leader, you need to be serious when delivering your declaration. Off-the-cuff quips are good for comics and the amusement of others, but in order to truly influence people and make them see your point of view, you need to be capable of arguing for the things you believe in…guiding them successfully from point A to Point B.

You can’t do this when substituting emotion for logic. It becomes difficult to connect all the dots and make people understand your message. Emotion is about feelings…logic is about facts. Actors are skilled at making their audience feel something. It’s their job. Instead of acting, we need to become eloquent (which doesn’t mean fancy) and instead rely upon logics and fact when communicating with others. Eloquence is defined as fluent or persuasive speaking or writing. Eloquent speakers have a way with words, expressing themselves clearly and powerfully. That eloquence and not emotion will move your audience to feel something including gratitude at the implied respect and a feeling of warmth at being accepted as a member of your community of thoughts and beliefs.

So how do you become more eloquent and less emotional in your delivery. Just click below

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