How to Survive Working in a Toxic Environment

Anybody who’s works in a media news department, corporate environment, or even a small business with a nasty owner can tell you how tough it is to work in a toxic environment. Just dealing with the day-to-day struggles of walking on eggshells may help you survive the hell you’re in, but you certainly can’t rise above to be the best that you can be.

            A toxic work environment creates fear, stress, and major emotional upheaval. You suffer and the company you work for doesn’t come close to realizing its full potential. You become a fire-fighter instead of an employee. Dousing one nasty blaze after another.

            Toxic workplaces take many forms. Incompetence at the top that filters down the food chain, harassment in all forms (most notably sexual, racial, and the current confusion concerning what is politically correct), unsuitable or inappropriate co-workers, and the list goes on.

            So, what do you do if you can’t immediately find another less toxic place to work? Just click on the link below for some survival tips to survive this experience and diminish its negative impact on your personal and professional life.

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