Lead, Follow, or get out of my Way!

“Lead, Follow, or get out of my Way!”, was the business slogan often used by celebrity, media mogul, successful businessman, yachtsman, ex of Jane Fonda, etc. Ted Turner in the eighties and nineties. That statement, often delivered with an arrogance that comes from self-entitled bosses, was pushed aside in the past few years with, the more empathetic “Lean-In” philosophy of climbing the corporate ladder. Is either right or both wrong? What does it take to become a leader? What are the personal leadership qualities you possess or can acquire that could take you to the top? What is your personal slogan that you adhere to?

When you think about it, your personal slogan makes up a great part of your mission statement which will lead you to the vision you have of your future. Instead of just using slogans to inspire you, why not create an actual mission statement?

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